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How we work

We recognise that India has incredibly talented students, but the education system must change in order to ensure that these young people are able to contribute to India’s competitiveness.

Such change must be profound and requires rethinking the way in which education is thought about and delivered.

We have identified four key areas of concern in Indian primary and secondary education, and we have the capabilities to solve the most challenging problems in these areas:

Curriculum We are developing new and relevant curricula, drawing upon international best practices and the excellence of the UK educational system, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge.
Pedagogical Approach We provide robust initial teacher training focused on pedagogy, child psychology and classroom management, together with continued professional development for teachers.
Quality Assurance We collaborate closely with local and national government to ensure that schools are supported by the very best educational systems, research and policies.
Delivery Capabilities We have a proven track record of creating and operating world-class schools.